Subscribing to the .Rw domain name is a good way to enjoy online presence and promote your business all at once. .Rw domain names adds great value to businesses and allows as well to obtain an identity. “.rw”, “.com” or “.net” domain names combine with the name you have chosen for your website to become a valid address to refer to your company or business.

The paybacks of having “.Rw” domain name

Some of the major outcomes of owning such a domain name include:

Intellectual property rights: As for every operating company or business, subscribing your domain name will give you an exclusive right to your creations and stamp out any risk of piracy. It will also act as an effective way to sport the services or products you offer and increase conversion to your website.

Simplifies your website’s visitors: “.rw” domain names make it easier for visitors to have access to your website and also to be identified as a country’s own.

Reliability: .rw domain names are used by professionals to advertise their services. Opening a website with this domain name is an up-and-coming strategy for extending recognition of your business or whichever activities you might be starting. It is also a way to secure your creations and avoid any form of duplication or imitation of your creations.

Email: You can open various email accounts when you are using .rw domain names. Registering a website using “.rw” domain name with IGIHE LTD starts at a very low cost ranging from only 5000 Rwf to 25000 Rwf. However, this cost only applies to a person who wants to use “.rw” domain name but not one who wants to create a new website. We provide the latter service separately.

For acquiring a new website, you can call or write to us using the telephone number and email displayed below. Don’t settle for the ordinary, add a great value to your business, get .Rw domain name today.

For further information, please dial:
+250 788 895 953
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*IGIHE LTD is one of the trading companies which have acquired the right to provide “.rw” domain names from RICTA.*

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